Seals for bottles: 5 keys to choosing the right tamper-evident seal

seals for bottles

If you are wondering how to choose a tamper-evident seal that meets your requirements and international standards, but you are still not clear about the factors involved in its functionality and use, here are 5 keys that will help you get the most out of these efficient security devices (like seals for bottles) for transporting goods.

  1. Purpose

It is necessary to know what is the use and purpose of the seal within the logistics activity. 

For example, seals can be used to ensure the security of goods within the following items: 





Security Level

The security level measures, among other factors, the resistance to traction, cut and impact of the different types of security seals.

Taking into account the above, it is important to previously define what level of resistance is required, we must consider the risks incurred in the transportation of products, by factors such as travel time, route security, type of goods moved, history of criminal events in the area or company, etc..

We have three levels of security: 

High security seals: you will be able to comply with certain control filters of the Customs Authorities, such as ISO 17712-2013 «H» certification and have an optimal record of their mobility. This type of seals are known as customs seals.

Security seals: They are very resistant to traction, which makes them ideal for sealing in small spaces and others where high resistance is required.

Indicative seals: The main function is identification. They are the least resistant to traction.

  1. Price

Taking into account that the final objective is to secure valuable goods with products that prevent fraud or opening, it is important to make sure to choose properly those that comply with an optimal quality/cost ratio.

Considering the value or risk of the cargo, we must use security seals for bottles appropriate to its value to secure it. It does not make much sense to secure an $80,000 container with a $0.10 security seal and expect it to meet all the requirements we expect from it.

  1. Formats

Among the options for choosing a tamper-evident seal tailored to the logistics process, a distinction can also be made between the format of the seal. This choice depends on the level of protection required, as well as the use and application surface.

Some of the formats are: Container or van seals (Bottle type), adjustable steel cable seals, adjustable plastic seals, fixed locking plastic seals, security labels among others:

  1. Type of evidence

Security seals are designed for single use and transition. This means that once the seal has reached its destination it will have to be cut so that the receiver can access its contents and be the first to handle it.

Once the security seal has been cut it must be disposed of properly (biodegradable seals for bottles like ours must go to the landfill to complete their life cycle). It is not possible to reuse a tamper-evident seal as its design and mechanics prevent it.

If the priority is that the security solutions leave evidence, we must «ask» the security seal if it was manipulated or changed during its use, this can be achieved by investing a few seconds to verify the following:

That it is the model of seal normally used and in the color indicated.

That the numbering is the same as the one on the documents accompanying the goods.

That there are no signs of tampering with the seal itself or altered numbering.

That it has no mutilations in any part.

That it is correctly adjusted.

On the other hand, if you want to provide security where there is no space to place a security seal, the best option is the use of security labels. 


Door or trunk of a truck

Technopor box with medical sample


We know that there are different types of needs for each customer and that due to the immense amount of ranges in the market it can be overwhelming to make the decision when purchasing a tamper evident seal.

We hope to be able to solve some of the general doubts that our customers may have when purchasing their seal, however, if you still have any doubts about which is the ideal seal for your needs, we will be able to advise you.